Our vision

To be the leading

provider of innovative,

holistic, personalised

childcare and early

education in Australia.

Our philosophy

The essence of our learning philosophy is strongly based on sociocultural theory, building strong, authentic and respectful relationships with each child and their family to truly understand and support their learning journey. Our philosophy focuses on the holistic nature of children’s learning and sees play as a pathway to learning and discovery.

Our Educators assist your child to develop:
– A strong sense of identity;
– Connections with their world;
– A strong sense of wellbeing;
– Confidence and involvement in their learning;
– Effective communication skills.

Play Smart

Environment and sustainability.

We believe a child’s environment is the key to their learning and development. For this reason, we are committed to presenting Genius children with a naturally-inspired environment that creates wonder, invites exploration, and guides them on their path to self-discovery.

When developing the concept for our Genius centres, it was important that we created spaces that were not just beautiful and peaceful, but also environmentally sound. We endeavour to encourage and support sustainable practices in a number of ways, including the following:

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