Genius Kindergarten 2023


The next generation of kindergarten learning.

Enriched with engaging educational and wellness programs, the Genius Kindergarten Program will guide your child to become independent, resilient and self-confident members of our ever-changing community.

Igniting young minds, Monday to Friday, you can be sure that your child is consistently learning the skills they need to connect to and celebrate their inner Genius.

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Why Genius?


We know that each child is capable of achieving unimaginable success, and through our Kindergarten Program they will have the opportunity to engage in learning that is innovative, holistic and mesmerising.


Our passionate and empowering Kindergarten Teachers are extremely skilled professionals with the highest form of qualifications to support their teaching practices.

Each of our Qualified Kindergarten Teachers have a minimum four-year university qualification, providing our families with the comfort and knowledge that their children are in the best capable hands.

Genius Lifeskills

Engaging and meticulously curated programs ensure we provide the highest quality learning and standards. Our Robotics and RISE Programs are just two initiatives introduced to help our children grow into confident, capable human beings.

Clever Kickers 

Created in partnership with the St Kilda Football Club, Clever Kickers is a 10-week program run during the kindergarten year. Launching for the first time in 2023, the program will teach Genius children the fundamentals of Aussie Rules whilst promoting key life skills such as teamwork, camaraderie and leadership.

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Holistic Experience

Our Kindergarten Program is run within our Long Day Care service, meaning your child will have access to our all-inclusive benefits such as on-site meals, extended operational hours, incursions, excursions and much more!


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