Autumn Activities for Children

At Genius, we encourage creativity while exploring nature and all its fantastic sensory opportunities. Check out some of these autumn craft activities we’ll be exploring, that can be very simply replicated at home with your children.

The cooler days after summer when amber leaves fall from the trees make autumn a wonderful time of year. Autumn displays red, orange, and yellow shades, plenty of colours and fun for children to enjoy.

The delicious crunch of autumn leaves underfoot is a delight and creates enchanting sensory experiences for your whole family. Collecting materials for your autumn activities is half the fun, while enjoying a nature walk with the family.

A beautiful autumn leaf is a perfect bookmark, or your little learner may choose to create an autumn artwork using autumn leaves falling from trees. Autumn leaves and twigs make the most beautiful forest jewels to wear, and leaves and twigs are just perfect for painting with.

Let’s look at some great autumn activities you and your child can enjoy today.

Forest Jewels

Leaves, twigs and string create the perfect statement autumn necklace. Collect an array of autumn colours and mix up your creation using various shades and colours, making a beautiful length of bunting or chain any child would be proud of. This creative and fabulous sensory activity allows children to enhance their coordination, creativity and fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are developed by threading the leaves and twigs onto the twine.

Arty Autumn Leaves

The autumn palette warms the heart with its rich reds, bright yellow and striking oranges. This arty activity is a favourite amongst children as they can create stunning autumn artwork which can be hung in their rooms to enjoy. Collect an assortment of autumn leaves, and using some bright colours, you can use your leaves as stencils and paint around them, empathising their beautiful shapes. Leaves can also be used as stamps; simply paint the leaves in a colour of your choice and press onto paper, showcasing the features of the leaves in the brightest of colours.

Kings and Queens of Autumn

You little learner can become the King or Queen of autumn with a delightful crown with bursts of colour. Cardboard, autumn leaves and glue are all you need for this activity. Using your cardboard, create a cylinder to fit your child’s head, glue or staple the cylinder to hold it in place. Cut the top of the cardboard to create a crown shape to your liking. Then the fun begins; your child can let their imagination run wild, sticking their autumn leaves onto the crown-making a very regal creation. You can add some sparkle by gluing glitter or sequins onto the crown.

A Home for An Echidna

This activity creates a sensory box for autumn. Gather fallen treasures on your daily walk and use these items to complete a home for your echidna. You can make your own mini woodland using autumn leaves, twigs and seed pods collected from your local area. Your echidna will come to life by gluing two craft eyes onto a seed pod and a small craft pompom for their nose. This activity is a fabulous way to encourage storytelling and role play with your little learner.

Contact Art

Contact art is fun, straightforward and easy to create at home. For this seasonal activity, you will need some clear contact, some black or brown paper, some autumn leaves, some scissors and blu tac. First, you cut a square of contact out, remove it from its backing paper and stick it to a window with blu tac, ensuring the sticky side is facing out. Using the black or brown paper, cut out the trunk and branches and let your little one stick the trunk and branches to the contact. Then the fun begins. Put your autumn leaves into a bowl and let your child enjoy sticking them to the tree. This activity can be easily adapted to other seasons and events like Easter and Christmas.

Pinecone Rabbit

Speaking of Easter, why not create a cute as a button pinecone bunny. To make your furry friend, cut out some felt for ears and glue it onto your pinecone. You can use googly craft eyes and a button or bead for their nose. Using string for the whiskers, you can now sit back and enjoy your new forest friend.

Creating some awesome autumn crafts can enhance many developmental skills for children in a fun and imaginative way. Why not give one of these super simple activities a go today and enjoy some seasonal creativity! These activities enhance developmental skills such as hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, to name just a few. We wish you happy crafting with your little learner today!

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