Christmas Costumes To Help You Feel Festive

Don't let this festive season be a headache when it comes to Christmas costumes. Use one of these fabulous costume ideas with things made from around the house!

With the festive season right around the corner, there are so many concerts, events and catch-ups for ourselves and our families. If you need to wear a Christmas costume for these events, it can be stressful to work out what to wear without spending a lot!

Thankfully, at Genius we’re used to getting crafty and are ready with some ideas for DIY costumes! Take a look at our top 5 creative, quick and easy costume ideas below.

Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer

Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer will come to life with items you have lying around the house. Dress your little learner in all brown, long sleeve pants and a long sleeve top. Using white and black felt, cut two extra-large white ovals and two smaller black ovals for the eyes. Fasten the black oval on top of the white over, and voila! Attach these eyes to the jumper using safety pins, and now Rudolf can see! For Rudolf's nose, you could use a red blown-up balloon or a giant red pompom fastened to your child's top under the eyes. There, Rudolf has his face. Now, you can fill six brown socks with stuffing or newspaper for the antlers. Attach three 'antlers' to the end of each sleeve; there you have it, Rudolf's antlers. When your child holds their arms in the air, there will be no mistaking that Rudolf is in the house!

DIY Santa or Mrs Claus

The beauty of Santa and Mrs Claus is that they are very easy to create. You will need red clothing, a Santa hat, a black belt with a big buckle, some white felt and elastic. Dress your little learner in red pants and a red top or skirt if preferred. Fasten the black belt with the big buckle around their waist. For Santa's beard, just cut out a beard shape in the white felt, then glue on the elastic so Santa's beard does not fall off. You can then use the white felt to create cuffs around the sleeves and the bottom of the pants, and don't forget Santa and Mrs Claus's white collar. Add black shoe/boots and a Santa hat, and your little Santa or Mrs Claus is ready to spread joy.

Elf on the Shelf

Santa hats come in all colours of the rainbow so bringing a Christmas elf to life is very simple. Or, if you're feeling crafty, you can make or sew your own. The hardest part of this costume for your little learner is choosing what colour elf they would like to be. Your little one may want to be a pink, red or green elf. Once their colour scheme is decided, all you need is to dress them in pants or leggings of that colour and a top of the same colour. To make an elf-like collar use white felt, cut a large circle into the felt to make the collar, and then a smaller circle in the middle for your little learner's neck to fit in. Cut a zig-zag shape around the outer ring to give that authentic elf appearance. Cut a slit in the back so it's easy to put onto your child, and then fasten it with safety pins at the back. Put on your elf hat, elf on the shelf is complete.

Oh Christmas Tree

What means Christmas more than a beautifully decorated tree? This costume can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. Everyone has decorations, so grab some tinsel and baubles, and you are ready to go. If your little one has a green dress, this is perfect, or you could just decorate a green top. Op Shops are great when trying to source cheap clothing for costumes! Using glue, drape the tinsel around the clothing, like you would on the tree, using spots of glue to ensure it does not fall off. Then you can 'hang' your baubles to your child's clothing; they will enjoy helping with this. Make sure you flatten the hooks of the baubles inside the clothing, so they do not poke your child. To create the star on top, cut out a star on a yellow card or felt and glue it to a headband. Now your Christmas tree is decorated, it's time to have some festive fun!

The Christmas Present

We will all have a box lying around, especially at this time of year after a touch of online shopping! To make the perfect little present, you will need a box which your little learner will fit into, some wrapping paper and ribbon. Start by wrapping your box in festive paper, or paint/colour the outside of the box to look like wrapping. Then cut one end out entirely for their legs to move freely, and on the opposite end cut a circle for your child's head to easily go in and out. On the sides, cut two holes for their arms. Glue some ribbon to your box in a cross shape all the way around to create the perfect present. Add a bow to your child's hair, and they are a beautifully complete present ready for under the tree.

Don't let this festive season be a headache when it comes to Christmas costumes. Take the stress out, use one of these fabulous costume ideas with things made from around the house, and enjoy a relaxed and fun festive season!

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