Creative Easter egg hunt ideas (that don’t include chocolate)

Need a sweet-free alternative to chocolate Easter Egg hunts? Check out our ideas!

Easter is right around the corner, and it's a holiday loved by children and parents alike. The Easter bunny will visit soon; there will be get-togethers and, of course, the special Easter egg hunt!  

Children love an egg hunt, running around in delight to find the treasures. While chocolate is a treat, Easter hunts actually don’t need to include sweets to be a whole lot of fun. When you’ve got preschoolers or young children at home, you might like to limit sugar at a time when everyone is gifting your children with chocolates and sweets.

At Genius, we love celebrating all special days on the calendar and finding creative and healthy ways to enjoy them. A treasure hunt would delight any little learner, even if it doesn’t involve sweets. Chocolates can be replaced with wooden eggs to decorate or easter themed crafts. For older children you could use clues or words that need to be pieced together.

The options are endless, look at our creative ways to mix up the traditional egg hunt below.

Reward Eggs

Using plastic or wooden eggs, (these can be purchased from your local craft store) create a treasure hunt with different rewards or activities to find. Rewards can be written on paper or written on the wooden eggs. Before beginning this activity, brainstorm a list of rewards with your child and write them down. Put one slip of paper with the reward printed on it inside, and hide the eggs; the ones your little learner finds are the rewards they get!

Reward ideas:

-        Let’s have a picnic

-        Bake with mum or dad

-        Choose your next snack

-        Decide what’s for dinner

-        Let’s have a movie night

-        Your choice of playground to visit

Easter Egg Actions

This activity is super fun, and the whole family can get involved. Fill plastic eggs with silly tasks like hopping on one foot, singing a nursery rhyme or naming three red fruits. The opportunities for this are endless and very funny. As family members find an egg, they must return it to you and complete the activity before they can continue finding more. This activity will have roars of laughter as each hilarious task is completed.

Scavenger Hunt

Put a list together of the eggs your little learner needs to find. This could be gold, striped, starry or a dotty egg. Once your child has collected all of the items on the scavenger hunt, they can trade their eggs in for a prize or single treat. You could also create a scavenger hunt out of Easter themed craft items, that once found work together as a fun art project.

Alphabet Eggs

Write letters (numbers or symbols could work too) on a selection of wooden eggs and hide these. Write the same letters on a large sheet of cardboard. As children find the eggs, cross off the corresponding letter on the board until all are gone. If you want you can assign a prize to the child that finds the most eggs or letters.

The traditional Easter egg hunt does not need to be full of chocolate to be fun. Why not shake up the traditional egg hunt with one of these super fun activities these holidays?

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