Explaining The Early Learning Years Framework (EYLF)

Let's look at The Framework, the characteristics and how it benefits all children in early childhood education.

The Council of Australian Governments created the Early Years Learning Framework to assist education in maximising children's potential and development from birth to five years. The Framework forms the foundation for all children in early learning education and care to receive quality teaching and learning. It describes the early learning years for children as belonging, being and becoming. At Genius, we develop our centre objectives around these principles, to help our children develop their sense of self and set them up to become confident, positive citizens of the world.

The Framework emphasises 'play-based' learning and identifies the significance of communication and language, including early literacy and numeracy, social and emotional development.

It supports Goal 2 of the Melbourne Declaration on Education Goals for Young Australians, stating that all young Australians are; Successful learners; Confident and creative individuals; and active and informed citizens.

Fundamental to The Framework. are the characteristics of belonging, being and becoming in the view of children's lives.

Families are children's first educators and most influential ones. Early learning begins within the family unit, relationships and connections with others. As children grow and develop their own identities, they begin to form their ideas of the world.

Let's look at The Framework, the characteristics and how it benefits all children in early childhood education.


To have a real sense of belonging is integral to the human experience and gives individuals a sense of knowing where and with whom they belong. From birth, children connect to their families, community and culture; these relationships form a sense of belonging. Building relationships with families, the community and the broader neighbourhood creates an identity with interdependence with others. The characteristic of belonging is central to being and becoming as it forms who the child is, their personality and whom they become in the future.

At Genius childcare centres, we know a child's sense of belonging can only be nurtured and grow through connection with family, community, culture and place. Relationships are encouraged at our centres, and at Genius, we promote a child's sense of belonging and connection through connecting with their community through a series of excursions and incursions. We believe these activities work best when we have strong communication between our team, children, and families.


Childhood is a beautiful time of exploration and discovery and to make meaning of the world. Being in the essence of a child, being in the here and now. Being means knowing oneself, forming and preserving relationships while enjoying and experiencing the joys and challenges of life.

We believe childhood is extraordinary at Genius, and children need time to simply 'be'. Being is about living in the here and now and learning about oneself. For a child to 'be', they need time to have fun, experience new things and play. Play-based learning supports this principle by allowing children to guide their play and explore the environment around them rather than always following a strict education timetable.


The principle of ‘Becoming’ explores learning to participate fully and meaningfully in society. Through the childhood journey, a child's knowledge, identities, understandings, skills, learnings and relationships change and mature. Children's identities are created and changed through many life events and experiences. As children learn and grow, rapid change can occur and thus form ‘becoming.’

At Genius, we believe that becoming is about all of the learning and development your child experiences. Children start to form a sense of self at an early age, and this goes on then to develop the adults they become. This is where the early learning years include a critical role in the children's sense of self, allowing for opportunities to grow, play and learn within their community. We like to create opportunities for growth with connection with each other, their community, culture, respect and emotional development.

Genius Learning Goals

The learning goals we have in place at Genius go hand-in-hand with the EYLF principles. The learning goals at Genius are:

  • A strong sense of identity;
  • Connections with their world;
  • A strong sense of wellbeing;
  • Confidence and involvement with their learning; and
  • Effective communication skills

The Framework assists with early childhood education settings to provide your children with the best possible early education and care. We believe children thrive when they have a sense of belonging, being and becoming. At Genius, we strongly identify with these principles and incorporate them into our daily routine. We encourage you to contact our childcare centre near you to discuss our curriculum and our principals with you further.

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