How to Support Curious Children

Find out how we nurture and encourage the exploration of busy, curious and creative little minds!

A little one's mind develops faster in the first five years of life, so it's crucial for parents and educators at Genius to nurture and encourage the exploration of our curious and creative little learners.

At Genius, we harbour a 'play-based' environment building our children’s confidence, creativity and curiosity about the world around them. A play-based environment energises little learners to see the world they are in through a lens of infinite opportunities.

Our state-of-the-art learning spaces and educators strive to develop skills in our little learners, which will benefit them both now and into the future. Skills such as creativity, teamwork, problem solving and innovation.

Little minds are continuously learning and developing, so we, as role models, must embrace this and provide opportunities to learn and grow at home and at our centres. We realise that sometimes being fired a hundred questions can be tiring, but it’s important to encourage these qualities in our children so they hold onto their love of learning as they grow.

Take a look at our list of how you can continue to support your little one's creativity and curiosity.

Role Modelling

It's important to remember that parents are the first educators. Intriguing little minds are always watching us and learning through our achievements and actions.

Boys and girls are born enquiring and spend all of their time observing and learning from the actions of their parents, carers, educators and peers.

A simple action of dancing or singing, for example, the simple act of doing something imaginative or curious, teaches your little learner about the world around them.

Creative Conversations

Imaginative and inquisitive little minds can be nurtured with parents sparking creative conversations. Rather than dismissing curious conversations with your little one, create learning opportunities by asking the right questions.

Questions such as:

  • What do you think will happen if…
  • Let’s try it this way…
  • What do you guess the answer is…
  • Let’s find out

Using questioning language empowers curiosity and creativity and sets little ones on a path to successful learning.

Go with the Flow

There is no doubt that routine and structure work well and provide a safe and secure environment in which they thrive. However, going with the flow every now and then can create opportunities for self-directed learning.

Letting your child choose their outfit for the day, taking a different path on your daily walk or choosing their lunch ingredients empowers children’s self-identity and self-confidence.

Going with the flow demonstrates understanding and respect and allows little learners to learn about themselves and their world.

Imaginative and Intriguing Spaces

At Genius, our little learners are allowed to learn and grow based on their individual interests. Our play-based learning curriculum encourages creative and inquisitive little ones exploring their talents and interests.

These imaginative spaces can easily be replicated at home by providing items that encourage creativity and exploration. Open ended play items like building blocks, magnetic tiles, craft items and small world set ups can inspire little minds to explore and be imaginative.

Support Diversity

All little geniuses benefit from mixing with people of all ages and backgrounds. Little ones benefit from mixing with older children by modelling their behaviour and striving to be at their level. Older children benefit by teaching younger ones to be responsible and raise expectations.

At Genius, we encourage diversity and celebrate all cultures through inclusive books, songs, dance and of course, the sharing of cultural foods.

Preschoolers become inquisitive when playing with children of all cultures and ages. Mixing with people of different ages fosters the opportunity to be inventive and curious.

Embrace your Community

Getting out and embracing your local community allows your child to explore their curiosity and creative nature. Exploring your local community offers endless learning opportunities and creates meaningful conversations with your little learner, which otherwise may not have happened.

Connecting with your local community provides a sense of belonging, builds self confidence and connection.

Play Time

Playing is the perfect way to embrace and foster creative and enquiring natures. It may be playing hide a seek, building a cubby or playing shops. Inspiring play with little minds is so beneficial in encouraging inquisitive natures.

Imaginative play builds a sense of self and creates a solid and loving relationship between parent and child. Entering a wonderful world of imagination makes for a trusting and supportive connection.

Supporting your little learner’s inventive and inquisitive nature does not need to be centred around an elaborate activity. The simple acts of exploring, inspiring and playing fosters opportunities for creativity and curiosity to grow.

Creating a play space that supports neurodiversity

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