Mother's Day DIY Keepsakes

With Mother’s Day almost here, our children have been busy creating some thoughtful gifts keepsakes for their Mums to celebrate this special occasion.

With Mother’s Day almost here, our children have been busy creating some thoughtful gifts keepsakes for their Mums to celebrate this special occasion. With a little help, our little learners have been able to make a variety of arts and crafts which we're sure will be treasured forever!

These imaginative gift ideas are sure to help you remember a special moment in your children’s lives, when they were little! You can even make them together with your child for a special bonding activity in the lead up to Mother’s Day – what else could a mum ask for?  

Check out our list of some of the Mother’s Day crafts we’re exploring in centre:

Cupcake Flowers

Okay, they are not real cupcakes, but this doesn’t mean they are not super sweet and fun to make. Using cupcake papers, you can draw or paint a flower on the front and back. To add some extra sparkle, you could use glitter or sequins. Then, using a pipe cleaner, make a small hole in the centre of the cupcake paper and thread through your pipe cleaner, tying it off so it does not move. Then create some leaves on the stem with more pipe cleaners. Before you know it, you and your little one will have made a bunch of super sweet cupcake flowers. We’ve used these flowers as decorations for cards, or as a resuable bouquet for mum that will never wilt!

Button Bookmarks

Do you enjoy reading? What better Mother’s Day craft than a bookmark to love as you read your favourite book. Children of all ages can get involved here, choosing some colourful buttons, sequins and felt to decorate a paddle pop stick. Let their imagination run wild - they could create flowers with petals, or stars and leaves, and glue them down onto the bookmark. Use paints, crayons and textas to colour the bookmark further and bring it to life. Ensure you put the date on the back to know when you created this beautiful treasure with your little learner. Studies have shown that parents reading physical books promotes healthy reading habits in their children, so why not use this as an excuse to get a book off the shelf, cosy up on the couch and use your new bookmark while you relax (if the children give you a minute to yourself)!

Clay Hand Ring Holder

Nothing is more heart-warming than a handmade mould of your child's hands and feet. What’s better is they are so simple to create. A super cute hand-shaped ring dish is made with some air-dry clay, a rolling pin, an embroidery needle (or butter knife), a ball or small rounded container, and some paints or textas. Roll out your clay to just under a centimetre thick and ensure it's large enough to trace your child’s hand. Then have your child place their hand on the clay; making sure not to press down. Using the needle, trace around your child’s hand carefully. They can then remove their hand, and you can cut out the hand shape using a knife, keeping the edges as smooth as possible. Remove the excess clay, which your child can play with while you use cold water to smooth out the edges of the hand. Then carefully lift the hand and place it upside down onto the small ball or dish to dry, creating a rounded dish shape. Once dry, your child can decorate this stunning handmade ring dish to gift to you.

Hand Painted Jewellery

Being artistic comes naturally to children, and using paints to make some unique art is a favourite. How about a hand-painted bangle or beaded necklace which you can wear with pride or hang on a wall and keep forever? You can source wooden bangles, beads and string from any good craft store. Using non-toxic craft paints, your child can create an adorable rainbow selection of beads and bangles. Once these have dried, they can use their fine motor skills to create a beautiful beaded design on a piece of string. The beauty of this activity is that children don’t need a lot of assistance, so it's perfect for our independent little ones - you tie off the string and enjoy wearing their creation! Just be mindful of younger children who are still mouthing and might put small beads in their mouth, as they can pose a choking risk. Close supervision required for those littlies.

Mums and Dads - we hope you will enjoy making one of these gorgeous keepsakes with your child. You’ll be making special memories while creating a treasured keepsake to keep for a lifetime.

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