Spring Activity Ideas for Children

Make the most of spring with our activities! Whether you're getting outside or enjoying springtastic arts and crafts, check out our activity ideas to make the most of this season.

Spring brings about an air of excitement with beautiful bright blooms, warm sunshine and new life in nature. With the changing weather, this season is the perfect time to defrost from the cold of winter and get outside with your little learner on a warm spring day.

The weather is finally warming up, and the days are longer and brighter. When the flowers bloom, it's hard not to feel a sense of happiness. At Genius, we like to celebrate all of the year's seasons with a mixture of crafts, books and spending some much-needed active time outside.

At Genius, our sports and garden guru's programs encourage little learners to be active, keep their little bodies healthy and breathe fresh air. Here are our top spring activities you can experience with your little learner this season.

DIY Bird Feeder

Spring is ideal for being out in nature and watching all the different birds in your local area. This icy pole bird feeder is a fun craft activity that children of all ages love creating. For this creation, you will need approximately 36 icy pole sticks (easy to purchase from craft stores), paints, string and craft glue.

Your little one can choose all beautiful bright colours to paint the icy pole sticks in a stunning rainbow of colours on the back and front of each stick, then leave to dry. Lay 12 sticks side by side, then on the underside, glue and stick across the top, middle and bottom to hold the base together, and leave to dry.

Next, create squares with four sticks glued together and build up the walls. You glue each square on the other and leave it to dry. Then, using the string, fasten a piece of string around each corner, fill it with bird seed, and voila, you have a bright, beautiful bird feeder for your feathered friends to adore.

Your little learner will love watching the colourful birds who come into your garden and delight in the fruits of their labour.

Garden Tea Party

Why not make the most of the warmer weather, get outside, and throw a garden tea party? Simply throw a picnic rug on the grass, and you can decorate the space with some flowers you pick from your garden. Bring out a toy tea set or picnic set and enjoy cups of 'tea' in the sunshine.

Little ones love to bake, and you can make this activity extra fun by baking their own little picnic treats to suit the garden theme. You could make some yummy cupcakes or search the internet for some deliciously healthy picnic-themed treats. You could also invite some friends, neighbours or even teddy bears to enjoy the picnic. Just remember to slip, slop, slap!

Get Gardening

At Genius, we love gardening and teaching the benefits of gardening with our Garden gurus program. Gardening is an enjoyable family activity which can be enjoyed by all ages. Even the littlest learners can get joy out of gardening by dipping their toes into the soil, digging, feeling the texture of the different leaves and watering the garden. Spring is perfect for planting new flowers or starting a vegetable garden.

Your local nursery can advise you and your child on what plants, vegetables, and herbs are perfect to plant in your area. You can assist your child in digging, planting and watering their own little garden to ensure success. They may choose to decorate their little garden with some lego men, fairy figurines or small plastic toys.

Spring Nature Hunt

This season brings with it stunning new flowers blooming in the sunshine. Nature comes alive, so it's the perfect time to encourage your child to alert their senses as they observe the flurry of nature all around them.

You can create your spring nature hunt checklist by drawing a picture of the item and writing the name underneath. This activity is fun and helps your child develop their literacy skills. Your nature hunt list may include a daffodil, feather, grass, daisy, bee, ladybug and birds, and let's see how many your child can spot!

You can enjoy this activity at home, walking around your neighbourhood or at your neighbourhood park.

Spring Craft

If the weather has turned and you cannot get outside, why not enjoy some seasonal craft with your little learner? You could create the perfect butterfly simply using two large cupcakes or patty pans, paints, paper, string and a peg. Flatten out your patty pans, and your little one can paint the patty pans with all the colours of spring and set them to dry. Once the patty pans are dry, glue the butterfly's wings to the peg using craft glue. You can use a cut-out circle of paper for the face and stick it to the peg. Fasten the string to the peg and hang it in your child's window. You can use the peg to display their artwork. You could make lots of butterflies and admire your kaleidoscope of stunning butterflies.

With spring finally here, we hope you will enjoy shaking off the winter cold and getting active with your little learner today!

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