Stimulate Your Child’s Development with These Learning Tips

Give your child a leg up in the race to reach developmental milestones. Find out how can parents and educators take advantage of this growth period.

Most specialists believe that the first five years of a child’s life are some of their most important from a developmental point of view. This is the time period where brain development is at its fastest, with 1 million neural connections forming each and every second.

The question then arises: how can parents and educators take advantage of that growth and ensure the best possible learning outcomes for the little ones? Let us take a look at some learning tips and techniques that can boost a child’s cognitive development for the better.

Understand the Importance of Early Experiences

There has been a lot of research done on the brain development of children. Most of the research out there validates that positive experiences with the adults in their lives can strengthen the brain connectors of each child. These experiences come through both play and routine, helping children become engaged and eager for the rest of their learning careers.

Providing the right learning and childcare environment for your child is therefore crucial, which is why it is important to choose a suitable daycare learning centre near you that can offer this optimal environment. By crafting the right early education experiences, your child can learn about the various aspects and values of their future life in an ideal way.

Take Your Child Outside

It has been shown that outdoor activities are very beneficial when it comes to the brain development of children. For that reason, make sure that your child gets plenty of outdoor play, whether it is in the backyard, park, playground, or at daycare. When choosing a daycare learning centre to send your child to, make sure to check whether there are outdoor spaces for your child to play in.

You can also plan out little excursions or day trips so that your child can have a better connection to the outdoors. Take them to the aquarium, to the local fountain, or even just a bus ride. These are all new experiences and can help them grow and learn.

Use Their Hands

Playing games is part of life with children. What you may not have realised is that any activities that involve the use of their hands is not only fun for the kids, but can help them to better interact physically going forward.

It can start with simple games such as patty cake, this little piggy, or even puppets. All of them should engage the child’s hands as well as their brain. The more that their attention is captured, they get a better feel for how we interact physically with the rest of the world.

Play Counting Games

When your child is old enough, you can start initiating subtle counting games with them. This can be as simple as asking them to count the number of stairs on a staircase or even just how many steps they are taking to cross one end of the room to another. You can change things up by quizzing your young one on how many lights there are in a room or how many plates are currently on the table.

This is a great way to help children to make the connection that numbers are more than simply words. Incorporating it as a game can also encourage them to view maths and counting as a fun activity rather than something to be afraid of!

Read and Sing

Singing and reading can be a great way for children to learn. It also encourages them to actively participate in an activity and that is one of the best ways to develop those critical neurological connections.

Not only that, but children find singing to be both amusing and fun. What they don’t realise is that it can also boost their vocabulary. Meanwhile, reading can make them familiar with new words while also improving their attention span.

Kickstart Your Child’s Development with Genius Childcare

Implementing these learning techniques both at home and at childcare will help your children in their crucial developmental stages. Want to ensure that you are sending your little one to a childcare centre near you that prioritises learning and development?

At Genius Childcare, we recognise the importance of communication, language, social, and emotional development and build our principles and practices to encourage these favourable outcomes. We provide innovative and holistic early childhood education that is based on a diverse curriculum and led by highly-skilled and passionate educators. Speak to us to find out more today!

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