Unbox your child’s love of learning with Genius Inspire.

Fun and engaging activities to entertain, educate and delight your little one, delivered right to your door every month.

What is Genius Inspire?

Genius Inspire is a monthly subscription box filled with fun and engaging activities that have been specifically developed and curated for 3-6 year-olds by our industry-leading educators, and designed with National Learning Outcomes in mind.

Each Genius Inspire box contains a variety of activities to keep your little learner busy for hours, all based on the play-based learning approach we adopt in our centres.

We’re so excited to launch this subscription of screen-free fun for you to share with your little learner each month! Register your interest for Genius Inspire to get priority access and an exclusive early bird discount when we launch.

Why Inspire?

Hours of entertainment organised for you
Never scramble for activities again.
Unlock your child’s love of learning!
Inspired activities for inspiring children.
Up to five engaging activities in every box
Hours of fun at their fingertips
Screen-Free Fun!
Keeping busy bodies and minds engaged!
Activities based on Genius Curriculum
Each topic targets key learning areas and outcomes related to the National Quality Framework
STEM, Art, Motor Skills and more
Each box helps discover your child’s interests, skills and strengths

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How many activities are in each box?

Up to 5 activities are provided within each box.

How much does Genius Inspire cost?

Genius Inspire will cost just $79 per month including shipping.

Do the activities require adult supervision?

This depends somewhat on your child’s age and temperament. Our activities have been designed for 3-6 year olds with the intention that your child will need minimal instructions on how to complete the activities and you can support them using the activity sheet and parent guide.

How long is each activity?

They have been designed to take 1-3 hours, however you can dial this up or dial down depending on your child’s individual needs.

What subjects are covered in your boxes?

Our boxes explore many themes based on the Genius Key Learning Areas, including – Creative Expression, STEM, Community Connection, Physical Wellbeing and our environment, Construction and Discovery, Routine and Rituals and Imaginative Expression.

Can I choose what goes into my box?

Genius Inspire boxes have been especially curated by our educators to explore a wide range of topics, and at this stage cannot be customised further. We believe it's important to expose your child to a diverse range of engaging activities at the preschool age, so they can hone their skills and interests as they grow. Please get in touch with our team if you’d like to learn more about why certain activities have been chosen.

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